Unique construction projects like the renovation of a forty-year old building on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. present great challenges.  However, on the opposite side of every great challenge is a great opportunity.  This proved to be the case once again when R-PCI Construction completed a prestigious updated Chancery building for the Embassy of The Republic of Chad.

Beyond traditional construction challenges, building and renovating Embassies in the Nation’s Capital for sovereign nations from across the globe can pose unique challenges.  Timely and clear communication is critical in overcoming language-barriers and building trust between client and contractor.  Once selected by the Embassy of The Republic of Chad for this high-profile construction assignment, R-PCI Construction engaged its best-in-class Project Management Team to transform an aging building in need of major repairs.  Within six months, the building was transformed into a modern, lively space that any diplomat would be proud to consider their own.

While the scope of work included restoring the original exterior limestone façade to its original glory, the real work was achieved on the inside.  The entire mechanical system in the building was replaced and all hazardous materials were abated prior to upgrading the interior finishes to accommodate the growing diplomatic outreach of this proud and burgeoning African nation.  The project required significant teamwork and value-engineering collaboration between R-PCI Construction and the exceptionally talented lead designers at Leo A Daly.

Both firms are grateful to have been entrusted by The Republic of Chad for such a monumental assignment and are immensely proud of the end result and, most importantly, the enduring relationship between R-PCI Construction, Leo A Daly and the good people of The Republic of Chad.

The Republic of Chad at a glance

LocationWashington, D.C.
Project Value$975,000
Project ArchitectsLeo A. Daly