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In 2007, R-PCI Construction proudly announced the completion of its first ground-up LEED®-certified new construction project. The appropriately-named Fairwood Green bank branch for PNC Bank, located in Bowie, Maryland, employed many innovative design elements that provided affirmation of PNC’s leadership in “green” business practices.  As a valued partner of PNC in the construction of this and many other projects for the bank, R-PCI Construction also positions itself as a leader in the construction of LEED®-certified base building construction.

R-PCI Construction is honored to be the General Contractor selected to complete the first Green Branch™ for PNC Bank in Maryland, and thus to take a significant leadership role not just with our client, but in the entire LEED®-certified movement in the U.S.  Green Branch™ is an initiative established by PNC as the first U.S. bank to apply green building standards to all newly constructed or renovated retail branch offices.

The R-PCI Construction team not only met the requirements set for in the LEED® Green Building Rating System™, we out-performed the standard by exceeding the client-mandated goal of diverting 50% of the construction waste away from a landfill … R-PCI Construction was actually able to divert 95%!  This exceptional performance by the R-PCI Construction team earned the project an extra point on the rating system, much to the satisfaction of the client and their LEED® consultant.

The LEED® Green Building Rating System™ is the national benchmark for the design, construction and operations of high-performance green buildings. According to PNC, key initiatives incorporated into the construction of the new building include:

  • Recycling: More than 50 percent of each branch, including carpet and furniture fabric, is made from recycled or “green” materials. For example, cabinetry and office doors are made of wheat board, a by-product of wheat processing.
  • Energy & Water Efficiency: Energy usage is reduced 50 percent or more compared to a traditional branch due to high-efficiency systems and insulation, along with maximum use of natural light, which also provides a more open and airy space for customers and employees. Water usage is reduced by 6,200 gallons a year.
  • Landfill/Waste Reduction: Construction waste, such as wood, steel and cardboard, is recycled or salvaged, reducing landfill waste by 150 tons per branch. Non-chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants are used in the cooling system to protect the ozone.

Of the many challenges that R-PCI Construction effectively managed was the separation and documentation of all construction waste. In order for a project to qualify as LEED®-certified, a systematic approach to all elements of the project must be maintained and measured. This process was deftly handled by the strong project team put together by R-PCI Construction.

Overall, the Fairwood Green project demonstrates the commitment that R-PCI Construction has made to contribute to the ever-expanding market of LEED®-certified projects. By combining its exceptional performance with the know-how to build “green”, R-PCI Construction has established a strong foothold in the “green wave” that is revolutionizing the construction market both today and into the foreseeable future.

PNC Bank– Fairwood Green, Bowie, MD at a glance

LocationBowie, Maryland
Project Value$1,900,000
Project ArchitectsGensler