To complete this fast-track project, M&T Bank engaged R-PCI Construction as the Construction Manager for this high profile project, a 4,600 square foot two-story building that would house a retail branch of the bank on the ground floor and functional offices and meeting rooms on the second floor.  M&T Bank entrusting R-PCI Construction was based upon the successful record of accomplishment achieved by R-PCI in the completion of several smaller projects for the bank in addition to its commitment to deliver the project on time and budget.

A construction challenge resulting from the architect’s specification related to the glass and framing system for the building’s curtain wall design.  Unfortunately, R-PCI Construction discovered at the outset of the project in the fall of 2008 that the system specified could not be fabricated and delivered until February 2009.  Obviously, adhering to this specification would have delayed the project completion by more than three months.  This was unacceptable to R-PCI Construction as it was not in the best interest of their client who was in need of a finished building by December 31, 2008.  Once again, the R-PCI team was able to discover an acceptable alternate glass and framing system that met the architect’s specifications.  This system could be fabricated off-site and installed by late November 2008, allowing for the building to be closed-in to facilitate the fast track furnishing and installation of all interior finishes on schedule.

By December 31, 2008, R-PCI Construction was able to turn over a brand new two-story bank and office building to M&T Bank with gleaming windows spanning almost the full height of the beautiful brick curtain wall exterior.  The resulting development is very much in keeping with the premium stature of M&T Bank and will undoubtedly enhance the North Bethesda landscape for years to come.

M&T Bank at a glance

LocationNorth Bethesda, Maryland
Project Value$1,750,000
Project ArchitectsSteven J. Karr, AIA Inc.