• Interior Bank Branch Build-Out - Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Interior Bank Branch Build-Out - Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Interior Bank Branch Build-Out - Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Interior Bank Branch Build-Out, Finish Detail - Woodbridge, Virginia


R-PCI Construction recently completed the newest Capital One Bank branch, opened in Woodbridge, Virginia at the Potomac Town Center. This branch, the first prototype of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic region, is also the first by R-PCI Construction for a number of years.

For nearly 25 years in the region, Capital One Bank (previously Chevy Chase Bank) defined traditional bank design (with rich cherry millwork throughout, including teller lines w/BR glass). Banking design trends today are catering to a different clientele and technology that wasn’t dreamed of 25 years ago – Capital One Bank’s cutting edge prototype redefines the design of a bank. Features of the new branch include a 20-foot acrylic blue wall, proprietary 3M blue-graphics applied to a level 5 drywall partition, along with face recognition cameras to keep the space secure. Round halo lights adorn the ceiling of the space, complementing the open design.

As a prototype, the branch was high-profile from the beginning, garnering feedback and input from all elements of Capital One operations. As such, several aspects of the design were modified literally “on the fly” – from finishes to security layout and camera placement. The architect relied on the Capital One Project Manager and R-PCI Construction to communicate effectively throughout the entire process – and communicate effectively they did. The resulting branch stands as a testament to the forward thinking of the design team, along with the proactive expertise of R-PCI Construction and Capital One!

Capital One Bank - Woodbridge, VA at a glance

LocationWoodbridge, VA
Project Value$575,000
Project ArchitectsLeo A. Daly